got a new bikini today :) Haven’t gotten the chance to swim in it yet but its really fun to take off 

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so how does one get a hold of your videos? :P

You’ll just have to see

I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting lately….but IM OUT OF MY FUNK! i think i’ve got it back y’all :) 

I’m going to start posting regularly and again I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting topless selfies and answering back your messages. 

Thanks for stayin there with me :) 

also happy summer solstice

love you guys <3 

:p :p :p

i dont have to wear a top in this new coat :p
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OMG you look amazing

Thanks :)

only black thigh highs &lt;3

Sorry I’ve been gone :p been focusing on creating things. Just finished making this halter top that I took off

trying to be cute 

ready for bed Zzzzz